Some Quiet Place by Kelsey Sutton

April 7, 2017
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“I can’t feel sadness, anger or fear. I can’t feel anything. I’ve grown talented at pretending.” 

“Some Quiet Place” is a young adult novel with a supernatural aspect. It takes place in modern day, but the setting of the book gives it more of a historical feel. The story happens in a small town a town where everyone knows everyone and everything is out in the open. Perhaps that is why everyone has gotten so good at pretending especially Elizabeth Caldwell. The main character of this novel. This is because her secret is something that is not normal not human. Where other people would feel an emotion, she sees them. All the emotions and elements that you have ever thought of before are personified, with a personality to match who they are.

Almost all of the Emotions have given up on trying to feel anything, except one, Fear. He is determined to break down her wall and figure out the secrets to the pasts that made her this way. Only Elizabeth’s past is a dark place. Everyone always said she was a happy smiling baby, until one day she just changed. Even speaking the words to her mother “Your daughter is gone.” Only Elizabeth remembers none of this, she can’t remember her history at all. Together Fear and her try to solve the mystery. The truth is a dangerous thing, but it might be the only thing that can save Elizabeth from her shadowy stalker.

When I first found this book it was on fluke. I needed a book for class and downloaded the first book in Young Adult that showed up. I wasn’t expecting much but after the first page I was hooked. The story had interesting twists and turns that I never saw coming.

The main character, Elizabeth is definitely my favorite. It was refreshing to finally have a character that just said things. That her ideas or plans were not skewed with emotions. They were put together to focus on one thing her survival. She kept the story grounded so that the main focus would not be the fact that supernatural beings existed. I especially liked how the author had Elizabeth describes the emotions. Most had descriptions that made you believe that that is what that emotion would look like in real life.

However there was one aspect of this book I did not like and it was a love triangle. I was hoping that with a character who couldn’t feel anything, that there would finally be a book where love had no focus at all. Although the love triangle was well written in a way that it didn’t become the main focus of the book, it was more of the side action.

Overall this book has been added to my favorites bin. With a big plot twist at the end that completely changes the dynamics of story line. The plot twist was expertly planned with hints vague enough that it made you wonder why you didn’t guess it before. “Some Quiet Place” did not follow an average book making it unique in a great way. For being a random read it surpassed all of my expectations

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