Dumplin' by Julie Murphy

April 6, 2017

Honestly, I loved this book. Absolutely LOVED it. DUMPLIN’ by Julie Murphy has a lot of teenage drama, and the struggles of family and friends. It showed the journey of a girl who learned how to love herself and accept herself for who she is, and it’s really inspirational. There are some amazing quotes in this book too. This book could really boost anyone’s self-esteem if they’re feeling insecure, and even lift you up if you’re feeling down.

I also feel like I have learned something from this book. Willowdean, the main character, is a girl who weighs more and she gets made fun of it a lot. Throughout the book, she meets new people and does things she would have never expected to do, causing her to learn more about the people around her and about herself. I learned a lot about confidence, and what we as people think about ourselves, and how I should spend time not only caring about others, but myself as well. Willowdean is a strong, cool character who inspired me throughout the whole book. Even though it might take time, all people can learn to love themselves for who they are. It’s true, it might take longer for some, but everyone is allowed to love themself no matter what anyone says.


I believe that everyone should definitely read this book, even if you don’t feel down, or insecure. Willowdean goes through problems that anyone can or will go through. We all have family issues or insecurities, no family or friend is perfect, and no loved ones can be together without a little fighting once in awhile. I feel everyone can relate to this, and that’s why anyone can read it! DUMPLIN’ will make you laugh, cry, and overall, just have a good time.

"I guess sometimes the perfection we perceive in other is made up of a whole bunch of tiny imperfections, because some days the damn dress won't zip" (369).


Willowdean Dickson and Ellen Dryver are two best friends bonded by the one and only Dolly Parton. Will and El have been friends their whole life. Will is big and proud, and El is thin and popular. El has a boyfriend and Will has a crush, whose name is Bo. One night, Will finds out he feels the same way, and that’s when all of her insecurities start to pour in. After some thinking, she decides to enter the famous Clover City’s Teen Blue Bonnet Pageant. The Clover City Teen Blue Bonnet pageant is the biggest and most popular event in Clover City. And the best part, Will’s mom runs the pageant. She has struggles with her mother about her weight and entering the pageant which contributes to the family issues part of this book. Dumplin’ is a book about Willowdean’s journey through teenage life, full of friendship, romance, family issues, and the struggles of self esteem.

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