Wanting Mor by Rukhsana Khan

April 6, 2017
By jaedyn.moon BRONZE, Monroe, Wisconsin
jaedyn.moon BRONZE, Monroe, Wisconsin
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In the book Wanting Mor by Rukhsana Khan, the main character Jameela is a young, smart, talented, kind girl who has gone through multiple challenges in her life. At the age of around 14, Jameela goes through a tragedy that changes her whole life. A couple days after the tragedy, Jameela’s dad Baba decides to go start a new life in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. After moving in with Baba’s “friend”, Baba makes an important decision that he will regret later on. Baba is a hard working dad and a caring husband, but after the tragedy, he turns into a lousy guy who doesn’t work and is a bad father to his kid.

One of the biggest themes in Wanting Mor is finding faith. Jameela goes through a really tough time and needs people to be there for her. The only person who is there for her is her neighbor. Her dad makes her move, so in her new home, no one is there for her, Her dad turns to drugs and drinking, and he doesn’t pay attention to her. During the journey that Jameela goes through, she finds faith when she learns to be an independent teenager. She learns that her father is not going to be there for her through her tough times, so she decides that is a better decision to learn how to become independent and live life by accomplishing her goals without help.

In this book I have came upon a lot of multicultural aspects. Jameela was born in Afghanistan is has a different religion than me. Throughout this book, I have learned different words in Arabic and different traditions about her culture and religion. One aspect about the Muslim religion is that they wear this wrap around their head called a porani which is a tradition that some people believe in.

I loved this book because I thought it brought lots of different traditions, and reading about her life taught me how to be more like her in finding faith and being independent. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone because whoever reads it would learn a lot of different facts about culture and different lifestyles. This book is kind of sad and you feel bad for what she has to go through and the bad things that happen to her, but at the end you are so proud of her for being strong and making the right decisions.

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