Going Bovine by Libba Bray

April 6, 2017
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Going Bovine is an adventure story by Libba Bray, but what does Bovine even mean? Bovine refers to Bovini, or better know as, the cattle tribe. In the story, Cameron gets diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or the better-known name for it, mad cow disease. He lives his normal life all grown up, with now what he just discovered, mad cow disease. He gets stuck in the hospital for it, with one person he has just met, Gonzo. Then all of a sudden, an angel appears, named Dulcie. She tells Cameron he has to go on an adventure to New Orleans and find Dr. X to stop a rip in time from spreading dark matter and cure his mad cow disease. But, with a catch, he has to take Gonzo with him to New Orleans. So Cameron, with Gonzo, went on a journey to New Orleans and went on exciting adventures. He found a religious cult, explored parallel universes, rented a car, found a magical gnome named Balder, who is immortal, and he even went to Daytona during spring break. But, when they arrive at New Orleans, they discover that fire giants are after them, from the guy that is trying to stop them, Wizard of Reckoning. What they discover is that where the real story is at is Disneyland, and what they discover at the end is something worth reading about.

The author also teaches us something while reading this book, in the beginning, Cameron didn’t really like Gonzo because of all the nagging he did for everything that they did. But as they hung out more with each other, he started to get used to it and actually started to think he had a friend he could talk too. This book teaches us about friendship and how even though bad things are about to happen, your friends and family will always be by your side through the bad and the good.

Personally, I highly recommend this book. If you love plot twists and an exciting adventure, Going Bovine is the book for you. It makes everyone an important part of the book, which also makes it a mystery when something happens. This book also includes a little bit of every genre. Cameron always has humorous things to say, he adds the action by destroying things on his way to New Orleans, romance with Cameron and his lover, and mystery by not knowing what will be there when they arrive at their destination. All of this combines into a really great book. I think any reader will love this book if they just give it a try. Cameron also relates to some people, because people had high expectations such as his parents who were teachers, but Cameron just couldn’t live up to them because even though he tried he wasn’t good enough to do it. Which everyone has gone through during their lifetime.

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