Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

April 6, 2017

Most people don’t realize how tremendously lucky they really are. We have the luxuries of growing up in household that we can consider safe, going home to a place with people who will care for us and never having to worry about our next meal. I’m sad to say, that this lifestyle isn’t a reality to everyone. For people who are so fortunate to have a suitable home, it’s hard to believe any other way. This eye-opening memoir called Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter, gives you the ability to step into a whole other way of life. From her father’s absence, her mother’s drug addiction, her life in poverty and so much more, our society’s standards deem Ashley’s living environment dysfunctional. The novel helps you see the unbelievable differences in this lifestyle compared to most. But the most insightful thing to be observed is how this way of living affects the people involved.

Ashley faces struggles every day growing up with her drug addict of a mother and the constant domestic violence in her household. She lives like this for many years until she is taken from her home with her brother and moved into foster care. This book follows her life in foster care and where it leads her. When reading Three Little Words, you witness her struggles in foster care with abuse, neglect, and overcrowding. Some of these homes seem even worse than her own. Through it all, this little girl tries to take care of her younger brother, from whom she keeps being separated. She is shipped from home to home, and we are left wondering right along with her whether the next house with be any better than the last. The only thing Ashley wants is her mother; she cries for her every night and asks for her every day. As if that’s not enough, Ashley’s mother’s empty promises and bad decisions send Ashley on a rollercoaster of emotions.

With all the horrible experiences Ashley endures, we see it start to change her. She trusts no one, refuses to love anyone but her manipulative mother, and forms few relationships or friendships. From her actions you find the theme, after being treated poorly, trust and love can take time and effort to exhibit. This autobiography brings a realization to those who are having trouble with being grateful for what they have. You should read this book and walk along with Ashley. You can cry with her through the hardships and smile with her through the good times. Those who are looking for a book where you never know what will happen next and want to be opened up to the reality of some children’s lives should look into reading Three Little Words to find out if Ashley will ever find a good home.

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