The Glory Field by Walter Dean Myers

March 29, 2009
By Anonymous

The Glory Field is an exciting adventure by Walter Dean Myers. It is about a family whose roots last from 1753 to 1994. It describes the struggles of different teenagers throughout the family, who stand up and want to make a difference. The Lewis family owes its growth and its survival to these teenagers. This in a riveting and exciting story and it is definitely a page turner. Once you pick up this book you will not be able to put it down.

The first story in this book is about Muhammad, an 11 year old boy who is sent from his native land to America on a slave ship. No matter what difficulties he meets, he remains strong even when people around him that he knew and loved are dying. The book ends with the story of Malcom Lewis, who is desperate to get to the family reunion but has difficulties getting his cousin, who is a drug addict, Shep there as well. This whole story takes place in The Glory Field, which is a field that the first people in the Lewis family worked in while they were slaves. The later buy the plantation and turn it into a garden.

In all of the six stories, teenagers are trying to overcome large problems, relate to their parents and the people around them, and stand up what they believe in. Also they want to make a name for themselves. the characters are faced with problems of racism or poverty. However, they all handle the problems in different ways. This book is definitely not boring, because they all handle the problems in many different ways.

One can learn a lot from this book. First off, you learn history of African Americans, and the struggles and challenges they faced. My favorite character in the book was Lizzy. Lizzy was a 13 year old slave who worked on the Glory Field. When two members of her family decided to run away she went with them. While they were running away from hounds, they ran into a campsite of the army. They each joined the army as a cook or a soldier. I liked this character the most because i thought that i could relate to her because of our age.

Overall, i would say that The Glory Field is an excellent book. All though it has its slow moments, the book proves to be a page turner. This book was so good it inspired me to read other works written by Walter Dean Myers. I found out that he tries to relate all the stories he writes to his childhood, when he grew up in a Harlem neighborhood. I would not suggest this book to anyone under 12 because the story gets a little complex at points, and also some of the vocabulary is difficult. However, i would suggest it to anyone else because i think it would be truly enjoyed by anyone, no matter what genre they are interested in.

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This is a book review for my pre ap english class about The Glory Field by Walter Dean Myers

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