Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

April 6, 2017

In the book Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick, Pat Peoples believes that life is a movie that God creates for you. He thinks that if he becomes physically fit and emotionally literate, that God will reunite him with his wife Nikki. You might be wondering why exactly Pat wouldn’t be with his wife. The reason for that is because Pat has been in a mental health facility for the past few years. When he is finally able to leave, things about his home don’t exactly feel right anymore. This story is narrated by Pat himself, so you are able to see what it is like inside Pat’s distorted, yet intriguing, mind. Along the way, Pat is reunited with his brother, Jake, who helps him become the big Eagles fan he once was. He also becomes close friends with his therapist, Cliff, who helps him with all the bad things he has to go through and is also a supportive friend when he needs it. Possibly the person that has the biggest impact on Pat is Tiffany. She plays a big roll on Pat’s journey back to Nikki, making him realize many different things along the way.

People don’t usually know what some individuals may be going through and everyone needs a friend to help them through the rough patches in life. Many times in the book, Pat wants to tell people what is going on and the things that he is thinking, but he knows they wouldn’t understand, so he just doesn’t tell them. There are also many times that people in Pat’s life such as Tiffany, Danny, and even Pat’s brother are there for him when he needs them to be. Tiffany can relate to him in a way because she is also going through some forms of a mental and emotional disorder. Danny is able to relate to Pat because he has also spent some time within the mental health facility and knows the struggle he has to go through at times. Even though Jake can’t relate to Pat as well as some others can, he is still there for him when he needs to talk to someone about anything.

Throughout the story, you are taken through Pat’s mind, which shows you some of the challenges that some people have to go through everyday, such as wanting to talk to people about things that are going on but knowing they won’t understand or sometimes not even understanding what is going on yourself. At times throughout the book, it may be hard to understand but it is still a very interesting book that really makes you see things in another person's perspective, one that could be completely different from yours. To me, the book has a very sentimental vibe to it, and even though I can’t relate to many of the things that are happening to Pat, I still find the book very intriguing.

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