The Dumbest Generation

March 27, 2009
By lily elison BRONZE, Missoul, Montana
lily elison BRONZE, Missoul, Montana
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No, we are not the dumbest generation. Our scores are no lower, our diversity is greater and we interact on all new levels. We have to do more go faster than any youth before us we are faced with multiplying problems and rising threats that no one has seen before and I am confidant in my generation. The youth of today is the talk of writers, politicians, news media, many asking, what are they? Mark Bauerlein seems to believe that today's generation is the dumbest. In his book, the Dumbest Generation, he presses that it's because of the extensive amount of time we spend in front of screens, we are losing basic life skills. This 'screen time' as he calls it is making us lazy, less intelligent and less social.

In the book The Dumbest Generation, Bauerlein tells how those born between 1978 and 1994 are the dumbest generation to come. Even though SAT scores for the class of 2008 were the same as the pervious, and a record 1.52 million students took the SAT, an increase of 1.6% from last year. If we're so stupid why are the test scores the same? He then proceeds to place all the blame of our 'stupidity' upon the technology of today. Yet at Chester Grade School (CGS) students are using technology to run a news station and there are computers in every public school in the country. Technology is helping to educate today's youth. How can Bauerlein say it is his reason we are supposedly so stupid?
Bauerlein's book puts forth an image that all teens are secluding themselves due to technology. Yet a Seventeen magazine survey revealed that nearly two-thirds of teens said they would freak out after a few days without e-mail or cell phones from someone. This need to be connected contradicts him saying we are antisocial and more then suggests we are very into the collective. Bauerlein himself talks about all the technology used for communication. There are more ways to interact with others now than ever; from better phones to IMing, to texting, to Vcast ways to communicate are everywhere. Anywhere you go theses day everyone is in contact with somebody one way or another. Connecting is easier then ever and technology encourages human interaction not limits it.
The book generalizes a group that is so diverse and comes from such different backgrounds it could never be in the one mind set presented in The Dumbest Generation. I have many friends who their whole lives are set around playing video games and watching movies, but I also know many people who prefer to go on hikes and be outside. There are girls I know who would die without their phones and some who couldn't care less. It is a well known fact that we are all different and we should not let one book discard our uniqueness.
We are the Millennials we will succeed! Every generation has fads, trends; nicknames all of which have had good and bad things said about them. In my opinion we are not the dumbest, though we may be the laziest generation. Laziness can be blamed on the machinery of today but the level of intelligence or the amount of social contact is greatly helped by technology.

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