We All Looked Up Book Review

April 3, 2017
By , Ashford , CT

Tommy Wallach’s book, We All Looked Up, makes you think. It keeps you on edge. Each chapter just makes you want to read more. The story is from four different point of views of your four stereotypical high school kids. There is Peter, the popular,  basketball jock. Eliza the girl that is known for sleeping around. Andy the “goes with the flow” skater boy. Lastly Anita, the pristine college- ready girl from a rich family. Each character has his/her own distinct personality that you can relate to. Before an asteroid strikes earth you see how fear for the end effects them all, both mentally and physically. The book is very hard to put down, it keeps you wanting to read more and wondering, what is going to happen next.  

We All Looked Up Starts from the point of view of Peter Roeslin. Everything around him is a normal day at a Seattle High School. Peter is dating Stacy the Lead Cheerleader.He thinks that the life he has is the one that is right for him. But is it? It what Peter has what he wants? Is he happy with what is placed before him?Through the waiting time for the coming asteroid, you see how Peter thinks about that more and more; about how he is only 18, there are so many things that he hasn’t experienced yet world travel, bungee jumping sushi.

After Peter we are introduced to Eliza Olivi. The girl who is known for sleeping around but also hides a love and secret talent for photography. Eliza is a very misunderstood girl, who has home struggles as well as school troubles. She tries to stick to herself but when the high school popular girls dig up dirt on her and ruin her reputation for good, it is hard for her to stay out of the public’s eye. You see her struggles with abandonment and how she became the way she is. You see her start to think about what is best for her. From just doing what she does, to thinking about how many times she will get to do things that she loves or enjoys. Even the things that she doesn’t enjoy. How many times will she have to deal with them.

Next there is the the go with the flow, skater boy Andy Rowan. Andy is the kind of kid that gets into trouble, doesn’t really think about the future of what he is going to do after school. His thoughts are mostly on his music career and hanging out with his friends. Even though Andy is a chilled out dude, you learn that he has home struggles and learns how he has a strong connection with the school guidance counselor, who tells him about her thoughts on his future. Andy being the chilled out person doesn’t think on what she saids too much, or does he. When Andy’s guidance counselor asks Andy what his plans are he says he doesn’t care about money. When She says to Andy that be probably hears from his parents all the time what are his future plans. He says they don’t care.

Last there is Anita Graves. Anita was raised in a prestigious/ religious house. She is looked at as the girl with the perfect life, with no troubles at all. However, there is more than what the eyes can see. You see how this high class girly-girl shows her true colours and not hiding behind a facade that was created by her strict parents. Her parents who tried to control her life for what they wanted. From Anita’s parents telling her that she can’t do what she actually wants to in life. She deals with this very strongly when the asteroid's time to strike grows near.

Overall We All Looked Up is a very intriguing book. It deals with real life struggles that many face. As well as some light humor every now and then. It is very different than other “Apocalyps” or “The end of the world” books because of how the characters are portrayed. The characters aren’t tough, trained to fight what is coming, like most books like that. The book shows four kids from four different back grounds just dealing with something that they can’t fix.

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