Eyes of the Dragon

March 18, 2009
By Alex Sandoval BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Alex Sandoval BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Book Review: Eyes of the Dragon

Stephen King is one of the best writers for mystery books. Eyes of the Dragon is a fantasy book with magic and a magician who does magic, a king who is old and has two boys. As the story goes Roland gets old, he gets very sick, and he has to choose who will be crowned king when he dies. Roland also has an advisor, Flagg. Flagg is the magician who has lived longer than anyone in the kingdom. Flagg wants Thomas to be king. Thomas is the youngest son; his mother died giving birth to him. Peter, the oldest son; people all over the kingdom thought he was just like his mom. He was brave and cared for the people, and most of all he was a wise prince. Thomas was more like his father Roland, who wasn't very smart as Peter, and had crazy ideas that no one knew actually worked until you tried them.

Flagg wanted to pick Thomas because Thomas would believe anything Flagg said. He wanted Thomas so he would be able to continue his evil plans and take over the kingdom. Roland would get older every day, and he did not die. Flagg ran out of patience and killed Roland with poison in his wine. This poison was very dangerous; it gave you the energies for a day and burned from the inside to outside of your body.

This is one of my favorite books because the suspension never ends. I always want to keep reading because every time I read something unexpected and exiting happens. I also think this is a great book because Stephen King takes the time to describe each of the characters. It's important to describe your characters because that way you know a lot about the characters in your book and you are able to picture the characters in your mind as you read. In all I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something that keeps you in suspense.

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