March 31, 2017
By alannamarie2 BRONZE, Vauxhall , Alberta
alannamarie2 BRONZE, Vauxhall , Alberta
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The book I read is called Insurgent by Veronica Roth. This book takes place after the book Divergent. Tris just killed her friend Will and no one except her knows, she was trying to protect herself and her family because Will was under a serum that affected everyone of the Dauntless except Four and Tris. While she is running away from the dauntless her mom and dad get killed by them but she knows she has to keep running with Four and her brother if she wants to stay alive. Once they got far enough away from the Dauntless that are under the simulation they ask people from Amity if they can blend in and stay there until they know it’s safe, to leave. The only way that they can remain at the Amity far is if there is no violence and they are peaceful. Tris, Four and Tris’s brother Caleb soon realize that the Dauntless and Erudite members are coming to Amity to see if they are there because they believe they are. When the Dauntless and Erudite comes to Amity they find Tris and the rest of them and they get into a heated fight. The leader of the Amity, Johanna tells them have to leave because they are causing too much chaos. They then find a group of factionless people on the train and follow them to the warehouse. They then find out there is some secret information that the Erudite leader, Jeanine wants from the Abnegation. Tris learns that some of the Dauntless members that are aligned with Tris, Four and the other factionless members are under a simulation where they commit suicide until one of the Divergents turn themselves into Jeanine. Tris decides to go to Jeanine and turn herself in so no one else gets hurt. The reason why Jeanine wants a Divergent to turn themselves in is so she can create a simulation that will affect Divergents. She has Tris doing experiments and putting her under simulations to get her mind to resist the simulations. Tris tells Jeanine that the simulations will never work on her and then Jeanine tell Tris that she wants Four to come do experiments and that Tris will be dead when Tobias is brought back there. Peter, Tris’s old enemy is told to give Tris a death serum but he just gives her a paralysis serum. Peter sneaks off with Tris’s body and when Tris wakes up Four and her escape and head back to the warehouse to come up with a plan to get the secret information from Jeanine. The secret information changes everything. Read this book to find out what the secret information is about.

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