FAt Chance

March 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Fat Chance
Leslea Newman wrote this book called 'fat Chance'. And a girl named Judi was the artist. In this book instead of writing a story of her life she was writing a diaries. Judi was fat really fat she was a teenager girl and her life was difficult. Her first goal was to have all her grades to be A pluses. And her second goal was to loose weight and her last goal is to have a boyfriend. I thing this book is very interesting because is about.

Judi had a friend named Nancy and she was so pretty, that all the boys want to go out with her. Judi was in love with a kid named Tommy. He in a smart kid he is tall andhe was nice and handsome but there was problem Tommy likes Nancy the best friend of Judi. Nancy didn't like Tommy because she all ready a boyfriend

One day at school Nancy told Judi that she broke up with his boyfriend, and when Nancy and Judi were talking about that Tommy hared everything. Tommy ask Nancy out but Nancy said 'NO'. Tommy was sad and Judi didn't like to see jimmy like that.So she went and talk to him and make him feel better Tommy said to her that that was nice of her to not feel bad on stupid things.

So now Judi's goals were complete except one, to have a boyfriend. So she loose weight and she looked perfect. So Tommy forget about Nancy and He went out with Judi. He thought that she was the gril who he should go out with. Nancy was at the hospital because she was bulimic. So now Judi and Tommy were happy because they decided to get merry when they grow up.

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