The Child Called It

March 18, 2009
The Child Called 'IT'

The book name The Child Call IT is a really sad story that will touch your heart. It's about a boy who struggles to live in his own house. He gets mistreated, sleeps out side, doesn't eat and always gets called bad names. His dad never does stand out for him. People at school notice he has bruises all over his body. He always goes earlier to school so he can get some breakfast that is left. At home he gets the food out of the trash can.

As the story continues his dad tries to reunite his family together so he plans to go camping. As they get their his mom still mistreats him, one of the bad thing she did was take his baby brothers diaper and but it in his face. Every day his mom has a new way to punish him. In till one day the social worker goes to his house to see what's going on. So his mom starts to treat him with respect. She thinks that everything is going to be okay and it was. The social worker left and his mom went back to her old ways. He couldn't stand her any more so he decides to leave and start a new life.

My own opinion to this story is that it does describe how he feels about his mom and him. It tells about his struggles and how he moved on. This story is one of the best stories you will ever read. So go and read the book name The Child Called 'IT' if you have not yet.

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