Betrayal at Falador

March 18, 2009
By Jeremy Frakes BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Jeremy Frakes BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Betrayal at Falador is an action packed novel by T.S. Church. Throughout the story Church foreshadows and really gets in depth with the story line. The story is based off an MMORPG game called Runescape, which millions play nation wide. He created the story not just to entertain Runescape players, but everyone, people who don't even play.

Trouble starts off when a girl named Kara is found near death outside the gates of Falador. Shortly after the head of the knights put her on top importance because of some rare items she holds. Kara though fits in with the knights and is hot-headed. Theodore who is a respected knight sets out to protect Kara from evil which arises.

If you have ever seen The Lord and the Rings, Betrayal at Falador is the same with switching to different characters. There are different story lines, but towards the end they start to all come together. With evil arising from the Kinshra, Theodore and Kara set out to learn more and save Falador with friends. Towards the end there is a huge battle which will decide the fate of Falador and the friends that Theodore and Kara hold dear.

I strongly recommend this book. The characters face self-sacrifice and lessons learned. Overall this is a book for anyone seeking courage, action, adventure, humor, or just a little bit of everything. Take the time to indulge yourself in this thrilling and exciting novel.

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