the other half of me

March 13, 2009
By Anonymous

In the story The Other Half Of Me, Emily Franklin has wrote about some real life situation in one teens life. Jenny Fitzgerald a normal teenager who was experiencing her first crush and dating had everything. Except she only knew her father as sperm donor #143. She wants to find out who her real father is. It never dawned on Jenny until she hit her sixteenth birthday. She went looking for information on donor #143 and discovered she had a step- sister. Jenny and her met and many things unfolded. Their one visit changed jenny's life in so many ways she was in for more she just didn't know it.
What I enjoyed about this book was that it kept me reading. It didn't get boring nor did I quit reading it. Amazingly I finished a book which is very rare. I would recommend this book this book to teens. Any teen who likes happy endings. Not only have that, but ones who like to relate themselves to a book. This book has many scenarios that the normal teen goes through. This is a great book which won't end out being dull.

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