The Grim Grotto

March 13, 2009
By Anonymous

In The Grim Groto, Lemony Snicket continues the horrendous story of the Bauldelaire orphans. The Bauldelaire orphans are in a river on a broken toboggan looking for their friend. They can't do much but wait and see were the river ends. Violet the eldest of the orphans is one of the greatest inventors, but this time there's nothing that she can do to save them. Clause is the middle orphan and loves to read but he can't remember what he has read on freezing cold rivers. Sonny is the youngest of the orphans and she is still little. The orphans ended up in the river because they are trying to escape Count Olaf. Count Olaf trying to get the fortune the Bauldelaire parents left. The orphans were thinking of what to do when the Queequeg submarine pulls up. In the submarine are Captain Widdershins, his stepdaughter Fiona, and Phil. They have to get a sugar bowl from Count Olaf. While looking for the sugar bowl Sonny gets attacked by some poisonous mushrooms.
I recommend this book to all the people that like mysteries. All ages. Because it gets you hooked on, and you just want keep reading all the tragic things that happen to the Baudelaire Orpha

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