WANTED! by Caroline B. Cooney

March 13, 2009
By paloma flores BRONZE, San Jose, California
paloma flores BRONZE, San Jose, California
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In WANTED! By Caroline B. Cooney Alice's parents are divorced and she's living with her dad. One normal day when she was at home and her dad was suppose to be working, she received a phone call. To her surprise, the phone call is from her dad asking her for a favor. He wanted Alice to grab the cod labeled twins from the computer, get his corvette and take it to him to the address he gave her which was the address of a place where they sold milk shakes. Surprised, Alice agreed to take it but she would take a shower first. She was very surprised because her dad would never let her drive especially that car because she didn't know how to drive and she didn't have a driver's license. When she got out of the shower she heard somebody opening the door but it wasn't her dad it didn't sound like her dad. Since she didn't know who it was, she went to hide on the garage under the corvette so the guy wouldn't know she was there. When she heard the voice of the guy saying that he had killed somebody, she began to get scared so the guy left and she got out and left too. She quickly drove to the place but dad wasn't there and he never got there. While waiting, she turned on the radio to unfortunately hears the tragically news that her father had been killed but that wasn't all. They also said that her Alice had killed him at his own condo because according to them, her mother had received an email form her confessing that she had killed her father and the police was now looking for her. But what was the real truth? Did she really kill her father? And if she didn't who sent the email? To find out the truth, read the book to find the answer to the above questions

I would recommend this book to people that like mysterious and like to read. This is a good book because it gives really specific details to keep the reader interested.

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on Apr. 6 2012 at 10:29 pm
I really luved dis book cuz its really action packed every minute and I think the guy in the book called Paul kinda likes Alice. Just sayin.

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