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March 13, 2009
By aaron torrez BRONZE, San Jose, California
aaron torrez BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Soul Eater
By Atsushi OOKUBO (author and illustrator)

A sinister, bloody, and smiling sun? A Symmetry obsessed child prodigy? An assassin whose says one day he will surpass god him self, yet can't even complete the simplest of missions? And the daughter of one of the most powerful fighters in the world? What does this all mean? son not be discouraged this is just the world of the highly fan loved manga Soul Eater .Created by Ookubo Atsushi in 2004 and is still currently on going is a manga or graphic novel that takes place in a fictional school of Shibusen in the fictional city of Death city .Shibusen is a school who is run b the grim reaper him self the whole Perouse of the school is to prevent other demon gods from rising .Years before that the grim reaper had fought and beat the original demon god and sealed him away .The school mainly focuses on the interest of souls who have crossed to the side of the demon and its up to the students or miesters to stop them by completing missions the school sends them on .How do the students fight these rouge souls? Well each student picks there own partner who transforms himself/herself into a weapon. How each miester is ranked they have a simple task, Collect 99 kinshin eggs (rouge souls) and 1 witches soul .Once they have collected the required souls they become an ultimate weapon called a Death scythe.

There are 7 main characters in this story .Two of them are Maka Albern and Soul Eater .Maka is a miester who is a daughter of one of the most power miesters and the grim reapers own weapon who are currently devoured and her mothers location is currently unknown .Soul , her weapon partner, is a scythe like wepon .His origins are unknown to even his mister .The first chapter opens up with the pair collecting there 99th kinshin egg and they head out to get there witches soul, but things are not what there appear to be .the second pair is the unlikely pair of Black Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. Black Star is a strange mister .Hes a cocky ninja who says that one day he will surpass god him self, he's the soul surviving member of "The Star clan" a ninja clan who is notorious for doing any job for money. His partner Tsubaki is a very rare demon weapon .she can transform into an array of ninja weapons ranging from a giant ninja star to a smoke bomb to a chain and sycle .There story starts out with tsubaki murmuring the words of the assassin code.1.conseal your self in darkness.2.know your target.3. take out your target without him knowing your there .As soon as she finishes her words Black Star jumps right out of the shadows on to a large dining table where his target and his associates are eating then proceeds to announce him self. Being unsuccessful we find out the pair has yet to collect 1 kinshin egg and gets new of a body guard who has the soul power of 99 kinshin eggs who is currently protecting a witch .They set out to defeat the body guard and the witch .But when the get there there's a weird twist to who the witch really is .Lastly there is the trio of Death The kid and the Tompson sisters Liz and Patti .Death The Kid is the son of the grim reaper and has a problem. He has a problem with symmetry .He cant stand when things are not symmetrical even if his own hair has three stripes on one side is enough to break him in to tears. Patti and Liz are sisters who come from America. There weapon forms are pistols witch matches with Kids whole image. They actually meat kid while he was visiting the states and the tried mugging him but instead he fell in love with there symmetry .It starts of with them chasing a thief down a dark ally and then as they take a pose Kid gets angry at Patti who stands in the wrong place then letting the thief get away. They get a new mission where they go to a pyramid where they try to stop a witch from reviving a mummy king.

Overall the story is fu of remeberable characters and a lot of parodies of American movie villains such as the witch Blair, jack the ripper, the emerald lake murderer Sanson J., one of my favorite characters DR.Franken Stien and many more .I really recommend this to people who really like a good time .But a word of warning in these few chapters there is some flesh but after that it cuts down a lot .Highly recommended and cant wait till it comes out later this year.

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