Tupac: Resurrection

March 13, 2009
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In Tupac: Resurrection, Jacob Hoye, and Karolyn Ali, publish the biography that Lesane Parish Crooks, or otherwise known as Tupac Shakur, never got to write. This book starts off by telling you where he was born and how he got his name Tupac Amaru Shakur. It continues on to tell you about the way he was raised having to face poverty, and other challenges in his life. Another exciting fact it tells you in this book, is how Tupac started being a rapper, and what had inspired him. Also, it goes into other details such as the movies he came out in. It's ending is quite interesting, ending in an ironical way.

I like that in this book it has alot of details about Tupac's life. Also, that it has several works that Tupac once wrote, such as lyrics, and poems. I would recommenr this book to young people who are open-minded, because Tupac can really inspire people to be better in life.

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