The Crown by Kiera Cass

March 17, 2017
By Blokker BRONZE, Vauxhall, Alberta
Blokker BRONZE, Vauxhall, Alberta
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The crown is a book about a young princess living in a dystopian era and she is soon to become queen of the country of Illea. Eadlyn Schreave is the daughter to King Maxon and Queen America she has always admired her parents love story and is attempting to get to know 35 suitors which is later reduced to a smaller number to pick from. In the beginning she was going to throw the competition and make it seem she is so terrible that the suitors will choose to leave themselves. But after her mother fell into critical conditions after a heart attack she was determined to find love this time. Out of the six suitors left she only could choose one but her relationships did not grow romantically they were just simply friendships. She had one boy that she fell for but he was not like the others he was a translator for one of the men in the selection. She secretly spent her time with him but knew her time would come short when a threat to the crown has entered her life. She must choose someone out of the selection but has to  abandoned the one guy she does truly love. The public become fond of the castles threat and they see him as a political hero and now are rooting for him to become the new king of Illea. Eadlyn had to make her choice quick even if it meant she couldn't be with the one she loved. When it came time to announce her new fiance the whole country she announced something no one would have expected. You will have to read it to find out the rest.


I would recommend this to anyone that is into a different kind of romance novel. Although this is not only what the books about, it is a suspenseful almost comedic read that I loved beginning to end. Although the story was a little repetitive and dragged on parts it was still interesting to learn who would leave next. I loved the way the author described the characters even though some were there for a temporary amount of time they each had a distinct personality that didn't get faded into the background with the characters. She made the characters that we barely known, interesting leaving you to want to know more about them. The overall storyline was very cool to see unfold with the surprises and events along the was. I would give this novel an average rating and would definitely recommend it to others.       

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