Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

March 15, 2017

Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why is, “A book that you can’t get out of your mind,” acclaims Ellen Hopkins, author of Crank.

Hannah Baker committed suicide There are reasons that lead Hannah Baker to swallow the pills, though; thirteen reason. The reasons consist of people who don’t know the harm or their actions and words, or at least just chose to ignore them. But, these aren’t just any people.. Each person on this ‘list’ has something to do with Hannah’s death, and Hannah has left something behind for them that won’t let them forget it. The reasons consist of everything from first loves to betrayal. And Clay Jensen, the main character, doesn’t want anything to do with Hannah; nothing at all.

Clay gets Hannah’s message first, in the form of tapes, and spends the rest of the day piecing together Hannah’s downfall. Clay used to have a crush on Hannah. He still does. Hannah knew that. She went to a party once for the sole reason of him being there. He wasn’t known for going to parties. They talked for a while and had a good time, but Hannah couldn’t shake the names; the memories; of the thirteen people who would lead her to her downfall. She pushed Clay away; their relationship would be ruptured from that moment on.

Asher’s novel is packed with visuals. Readers will see the emotions flooding through the characters and the distressing, revealing scenes; Hannah swinging in the park, Clay sitting, torn, at the diner. Clay, as well as many secondary characters are amazingly believable; their thoughts, their actions, there decisions. As for plausibility, readers will have no idea what will be coming next. Asher keeps the characters concealed in parts, so that it is up to you to figure out the missing pieces.  Every single word that Clay hears Hannah utter in the tapes, will leave readerse with an eerie, haunted atmosphere. This leads to the ultimate theme of Asher’s work; always be kind. This might be your last encounter with that person, that a attitude towards them might lead to them choosing between life and death.

If you want a story that will leave you thinking about the small things in life and how to live to the fullest, pick up Thirteen Reasons Why, and you will be reflecting for days.. Readers’ minds will be filled with questions about Hannah and her thirteen reasons why she thought she should die.

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