Review Of A Wimpy Kid

March 3, 2017
By , Evansviller, WV

I picked this book because, I saw it on the shelf and said, “Oh look a book” and it was a book I have already read so it makes it easier. The book sucks and I wouldn’t recommend someone else reading because it was a waste of time and hours of my life I will never get back. But I will still be getting a grade and that’s all that matters because technically this has nothing to do with Tech Ed so am good. It said to write about what I think the book is about. Well, it’s about a dumb kid with dumb friends and family, who has to survive the reality of middle school. Which almost is what I have to go through everyday so Waa poor Greg. I still can’t believe I wasted a Word Document so I could write about this “happy” book. I would’ve liked a book with people dying and traumatizing events. I think that someone else who is not me would’ve enjoyed this book better. I am done so now I can search the internet for picture of kittens…  I like kittens, peace out!

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