Torn By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

March 1, 2017
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This book review is about the book torn this book is really good jam packed with action. The main character in this book is Jonah, and he has been sent back in time to when Henry Hudson was trying to find the Northwest passage. In the book the main problem is Jonah has to act like John Hudson. This book Jonah is trying to recover time to save Andrea, JB, Antonio, and Brennan from being stuck in 1600. 


While being the character John Hudson him, Henry Hudson and others are put onto a scallop. They have been kicked off the ship of Henry Hudson by mutiniers. From there it all goes downhill because Jonah looses the tracers which he uses as benchmarks to tell him what to do. Some weird thing happened after that which is the ship coming back to get them. Which gives Jonah a weird feeling, Then while in the ship him, his sister and Second have a talk on what to which Jonah and his sister don't like but in the end time gets Back to where it started with Jonah going down in the scallop and after some changes the trcers were back.


In the end this book is just amazing and full of action. Margaret Peterson Haddix has done well with this book. I loved it and I'm sure you will to.

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