Night by Elie Wiesel

March 9, 2017
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The novel Night by Elie Wiesel is a definite must-read I encourage everyone to read this wonderful novel. This novel is so relevant today because it really shines on the evils of humankind. An entire humankind can get wiped out and having no control over what happens to them next. This novel opened my eyes to the struggles of a person that is living from moment to moment with no guarantee with what the next hour can bring them. Mr. Wiesel put so much detail and every single emotion he felt during the time of this horrific event that he experienced. The strength and powerfulness that the book possesses has changed my life for the better. I live and look at life in a completely different manner due to the affects that this novel has put on my life.  If anyone would want to connect with what a person had to go through during these times this is definitely the novel. It contains Elie’s perseverance and determination that would accomplish his survival through the Holocaust. What he went through I would never wish upon a person and I’m glad that he was able to share his story with us through this novel.  This book is essential to anyone and everyone to encourage him or her to live life while you can control it yourself.  Elie Wiesel deserved each and ever one of his awards and may he rest in peace.  I could never imagine going through his hardships and I appreciate the life I do have and will continue to live it the best way I can. He may have lost faith and gave up on his liberation a few times but his survival and perseverance will last the rest of my years. May his spirit live on  in his novel for all of eternity.

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