Courage and Defiance by Deborah Hopkinson

March 9, 2017
By , tunnelton, WV

At the start of the book, the family’s that live in Copenhagen are weary of a German invasion. They are all preparing for the invasion. Then in just one night the German army set fence around the whole of Copenhagen. No family’s in or out. The German fleet were not destroying or any religious sites. Nor were they taking The Jewish Peoples of Copenhagen to internment camps.

I think this book was good because, of the relentless pressure the innocent peoples of Copenhagen put on the German army. They fought for freedom and their rights as a human.

Description and summary of content
This book is about Copenhagen involved in the war. The Germans in Copenhagen were not trying to arrest the Jewish, but the thieves and revolter’s. 

This book was about a tiny country in Germany and, it was really good and exciting.

This book was great. I liked this book. This book was good because the germans in war.

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