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One of the most creative and intriguing books I have ever read is The Alchemyst by Michael Scott. It's a fantasy book about the famous alchemist Nicholas Flamel. When I first started reading it, I wasn't sure what to think about the book. But the further I read, the more I liked it.

Scott weaves an interesting tale about a brother and sister who are twins, Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel, a quirky vampire named Scatty, and some pretty evil characters. The twins see something weird happen where Flamel works, and they are caught up in all of the magic. Flamel has to take them on a journey for two reasons: he thinks they are the ones who are being prophesied about, and they need to be trained in magic so they won't be hurt. Along the way Perenelle gets kidnapped and tries to help them as much as she can. It's a story about good triumphing over evil, and not letting evil control the world.

I thought this was a great story about the famous Flamel and a magic part of his life. Scott did a great job of imagining another side of Flamel's life that I wouldn't have thought about before. While I was reading this book, I felt like I was one of the twins, and I experienced whatever they went through. I would definitely recommend The Alchemyst to anyone who loves a story about a fantasy world.

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darkpersonality said...
Jul. 6, 2010 at 6:33 pm
I love this book series! Did you read The Necromancer yet?
2Whammy replied...
Mar. 2, 2011 at 3:31 pm

True that

Workin on The Magician but I have the entire sieries.

Amazing book tho.

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