breaking dawn

March 25, 2009
By Anonymous

In this book Bella and Edward get married and they go to the island that his father bought as a gift for his mother esme. So while they were there Bella said that now they were married that they could do the promise that Edward said to her. The next morning Bella woke up to having feathers in her hair from where Edward ripped the pillow so he wouldn't bit Bella. So for the next few weeks they were in the blue room until Bella found out that it had been five days since she was to have her period. So she thought that she was pregnant and she was so she had Renesemee. But then they had the volturi going after them and they thought that they would die so before Alice left she left a name of a guy that new jasper and new how to make papers so she went and had him make papers for Jacob and Renesemee so they could run if they had to.
The Main authors craft is imagery and tone. The way she uses imagery is she can make you feel like you are actually in the book looking at what is happening. The way she describes how they are on Esme's island like she says that he bit the pillow to save him self from biting Bella and then when they were in the blue room he bit the antic headboard. But she also says how the pain makes Bella feel and how they child breaks her ribs and her pelvis. But the way she uses tone is she goes from cheerful to angry and then to horrified and pain. But she also uses a lot simile and metaphor by using sentences like. Bella is as a shield and that so is her daughter.
So my review to breaking dawn is that it is a very good book for teenagers. But it is also a book that adults would like it has a lot of fantasy and romance in it which a lot of the population likes. So any one could read this book. I connected to the book by the way she pulls u in she says that no one is staring at Bella. But one thing that is a must before you read this book you have to read twilight, new moon, and eclipse or u will not understand this book. What drew me was the romance and the vampires and werewolves.

The author's comments:
i wrote it because i love the book and think other teens should read it

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