United as One by Zachary Pendleton

March 3, 2017

Imagine being one of the last of your kind; you must save earth from the Mogadorians. This was like in the characters in United as One face; they face an evil who wants to destroy the world and the Loriens. This book very much dealt with emotions from each character, like when all four can think about is Sarah’s death and he grieves for her to come back, this was what made the characters real in the story. But they can strike now to save earth and them from suffering under the evil rule of the Mogadorians.

The conclusion leaves readers thinking about what could happen in the future. The ending though is predictable in that you could just know that that was going to happen that they would win and live in peace.

A theme here is to never give up, even if you think you won’t win at something. This is what occurs throughout the whole series, the Loriens never gave up. The author really incorporates this theme into the very well done series.

The pace was slow moving book. The action doesn’t start until the middle/ending of this book.

If you love a little bit of romance and lost of action and adventure then read this series, you will love it.
All in all this was an amazing book and definitely is one of the best in the series.

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