This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

March 3, 2017
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Book title and author: This Lullaby, Sarah Dessen
Title of review: Is this really love?
Number of stars (1 to 5): 5 Stars


Remy, raised by her mother who had five different husbands. She does not believe in long-term love and or relationships, until she meets Dexter who is the exact opposite of who she would ever love.

Description and summary of content
Remy is planning her mother’s sixth wedding, and while she is, she meets Dexter at first they get off on the wrong foot. Dexter is deeply in love and Remy does not believe in love… However, she falls hard for Dexter they get together. Remy says somethings to her friend at the bar and Dexter hears Remy said things she did not mean. Nevertheless, she broke up with Dexter anyway; she loves him! She gets a boyfriend and they are at a gas station with their friends, and Dexter is there and he is drunk. He and Remy argue and she feels bad. So later, she goes to his work and they get in a huge fight, and she finds out that Don cheated on her Mom. Soon she will be going away to college, so she wants to make things right with Dexter. She goes and talks to him and they realize they are in love. She goes to college and Dexter mails her a beautiful package with a map that say here and there, and then to you!

I like this book because I enjoy love stories. I would recommend this book to many teenage girls, its shows you lives of different people and it shows the feelings they have. You can understand yourself and other girls by looking at different opinions. This book shows that you can get through the good and the bad in relationships, and that you can overcome that.

I have concluded that this is a very good book. I enjoyed reading this book. Sarah Dessen is an amazing author and she has a special connection with writing. I think that Remy and Dexter are madly in love and they have a great relationship. I really enjoyed this book.

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