Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

March 2, 2017
By Anonymous

Breaking Dawn by  Stephenie Meyer is a breathtaking novel. It is one of the optimal novels I got a chance to read.  The genre of this book is romance. Romance is the one that makes up this story. The setting takes place in many different settings such as Forks, Washington and Isle Esme. This story takes place in the future. She also lived with her mother in Phoenix, Arizona As you know, vampires and werewolves don’t exist today, but can they in the future?


The main character in this book is Bella. Bella is 17 years old. She is the very romantic type. She loves to have fun with her friends, but when crisis crosses the line, she will fight for who she loves. She is a very pale girl, with brown hair and brown eyes. To many people, she is someone special. To Edward, she is a wife. To Renesmee, she is her mother. To Charlie,  she is his daughter. In the story, she is someone who undergoes a big change and becomes immortal forever. She did not start out as a vampire. She was human and then she got pregnant, then sick then a vampire.

Some minor characters are Edward, Renesmee, Rosalia, Jacob and a lot more. These people are more mentioned in the novel. Edward is an 18-year-old vampire. You can tell because he is always so pale, like his wife. To Renesmee, he is her father. To Jacob, he is a friend. Now Renesmee is half-blood. That means half vampire and half human.and Edward is her dad, Jacob is a good friend of hers. Now Jacob is a werewolf. Edward is his friend and so is Renesmee.

In the beginning of the story, Bella Swan is moving from Arizona to Washington. She is moving away from her mother and moving to her father. When her father picks her up, he gives her a car and she loves it. Something interesting that happened is when Bella made it final she wanted to get married to Edward, Bella told her dad. Her dad was not happy about but he did not care because he knew his ex-wife would not want them to. It was exactly the opposite, however, in the wedding, he seemed excited. Now there is a problem. Bella gets pregnant. I bet you're thinking, “She is pregnant big deal”. No, it is a big deal. The thing grew so fast in there that I made her sick. One day when she stood up, she fell and blood was pouring out of her mouth. They knew it was time for the baby to be born. She becomes a vampire after this. When the baby comes out, she is a half blood and people are afraid she will hurt her because she is so powerful. She almost kills Jacob because of this. It is solved when she feels bad and says sorry. Now they are fine and does not get jealous anymore. Everything that happens in this story has a purpose, whether it's stealing but this story grabs my attention when they are hiking in the woods and her daughter has the same senses as Bella. She can run, jump, smell human blood (Which is hard to do). In the final chapter, Charlie hooks up with sue clearwater. Jacob will always be attached to Renesmee.

In my opinion, I love this book. The way everything is worded and clearly seen in your head is amazing. This tells me that this book is quite popular. The last books always have the most action. “Running at full speed, it took me only two seconds to reach them”(Meyer 538). I would recommend this book to teenagers and older. If you can not handle romance, then you can read another book. Read Skink-No surrender. This book is an amazing book as well. They would enjoy this because there is drama and there are times when you say “They are such a cute couple” or “Aww”.

The author's comments:

This is my first ever review. I really tried on this book report. I am new to this website. If you like it, then be sure to comment. :D

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