Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, IL

Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind is an extreme fantasy book favored by many.  Terry Goodkind was capable of taking a paper and pencil and creating a lifelong legend. This book takes place in a fantasy world that was split into three parts by boundaries.  These lands are called Westland, Midlands, and D’Hara and they were split to keep Darken Rahl from taking to power the whole land.

In this compelling book, we first enter the mind of Richard Cypher, who meets the beautiful lady in white named Kahlan Amnell; the third child of trouble.  She seeks for a long-lost wizard, to help her - correction - to help the whole land overtake Darken Rahl by naming a Seeker.  Richard (who has his secrets from people close to him), Kahlan (who has a secret from Richard), and even an old geezer (let’s just say everyone has secrets in this book!) named Zedd soon embark together on an adventure full of deadly things and people.  And even some magic.  They must be the first ones to obtain the last box of Orden before Rahl, otherwise, it’ll be too late to fight. 

Richard may seem only like a character at first, but once who get to know him a little bit it seems as if you knew him in person all your life.  Not only in Wizard’s First Rule is he a kind hearted man with his flaws that only perfect him, he is the Seeker that must kill the man that killed his father to find out where Richard is to kill him.
Lost yet?  That’s great!  Let’s move on!

Terry Goodkind includes so many twists and turns and clues that foreshadow future clues in the book.  It’s a complicated, interesting mess that has everyone’s noses stuck in the book.

At the start of the story, Mr. Goodkind describes how Richard seeks a vine, known later as the snake vine, hoping to find answers to his father’s murder.  (At the time Richard had no idea who killed his father.)  When Richard grabbed and pulled the vine, as if alive, the vine bit him and caused him to feel pain slowly over time.  Should I add that this only happened on page 4?  Literally, every so couple of pages something life threatening happens to the main characters!  Before even the problem would be completely resolved has had Terry Goodkind jumped into the next battle already!

The whole book just continues with tiny little quarrels between our lovable characters between quads and witch women like Shota that all add up to the finale: the fight with Darken Rahl that…

Nah, I leave that to you to find out for yourself.

I personally think the book is the best thing I have ever read.  No joke here.  The fantasy in this book is beyond normal.  Maybe even beyond extreme!  I would find it offensive if someone said Terry Goodkind had a knack for writing because that isn't true.  He doesn’t have a “knack” for it, but instead pure talent.  Romantic Times BOOK reviews stated that “Mr. Goodkind’s compelling prose weaves a magic spell over readers.”  I completely agree because by the time I put the book back down, I already was past the halfway point!  Another thing I’d like to point out is that I should have read Wizard’s First Rule now as my first time, not in 6th grade.  As I am rereading this, I understand more jokes and riddles than when I read it then.  This book is perfect for young adults or teenagers.  There are many things that a little 6th grader wouldn’t understand that a teenager either entering or leaving high school would be laughing or crying about for the next week and a half.

Or maybe even still be confused on what actually is the wizard’s first rule.

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