Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, IL

“Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie” by David Lubar is a great book. The author, David Lubar is an author of numerous teen books, he is also an electronic game programmer. The genre is young adult fiction. “Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie” is taken in J.P Zenger high school, also at Scott Hudson’s home, and the hospital. The story is taken place in modern time.

The main character in “Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie”, Scott Hudson a 14-year-old. Is trying to survive his freshmen year in high school. He isn’t popular at all and he also gets bullied a lot during school. Scott is a dynamic character. He changes from a character who wants to survive in high school to a person he is very caring, he can’t stand the bullies and tries his best to protect to people who gets bullied or the freshmen who try to commit suicide. He is also very smart and he likes showing people his brain power as he joins the newspaper.
Scott Hudson has his three musketeers Patrick, Mitch, and Kyle. Scott has one brother who doesn’t like reading compared to Scott, but as a brother, he really does have    Scott’s back. This kid named Mouth is the kid who no one likes, including Scott, but Mouth liked Scott. Lee is this dark girl that also people feel she is weird and give her negative vibes on her locker. With the three musketeers basically done, Wesley Cobbler became more important in the story. He and Scott become best friends and help defend each other.

The story starts with the 3 musketeers becoming the 2 musketeers. Mitch gets a girlfriend and never talks to the guys ever again. Two months later, Patrick needs to move to Texas and then moves to Japan, so Scott won’t see Patrick. Then, Kyle gets on the wrestling team and he starts to only hang out with the wrestling guys. The story changes when some people put some mean words on Lee’s locker and Scott rips it down. The story also changes when Mouth tries to commit suicide by hanging himself but doesn’t work. Scott realizes how bad the school has treated a lot of people and changes as a person. He becomes more caring and realizes how people are suffering and what the world will be if people commit suicide, so he really starts to care about Mouth and Lee.

To conclude, Scott doesn’t meet up with his old friends anymore they are done, but Scott is very liked in Zenger High School. Athletes do respect the nice things he says about them in the newspaper, even if he needs to lie sometimes. At the end, Scott goes to the dance with Lee. He didn’t care about what people thought, even though people were talking and looking at them during when they were dancing.  Going through his freshmen year of high school Scott learns the way to treat others, even if they are weird because he thought if people treated him like that how would he feel. He would try to commit suicide to. Scott is now the guy that doesn’t want people to be lonely. I feel that Scott has got stronger physically and mentally during the book. His personality changes. In my opinion, this book really teaches you how to act as a person and how life will get tough, but there is always people who will care and will protect you and show what the true meaning of life is. If you read this book you would enjoy it because it really expresses really important life lessons that help the world become a better place. It will really touch your heart and make you think more and you will find the true meaning of life.

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