Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, IL, IL

In Artemis Fowl, written by Eoin Colfer, is a type of fantasy book. The story mostly sets place in Fowl Manor. This is where Artemis Fowl, our main character, lives. The setting is also in Haven, a place where mystical fairies live. The time of the story is modern era. I know it is modern era because they have a laptop and other devices we use every day.

Artemis Fowl is our main character. Artemis isn’t our normal type of protagonist. Artemis is an intelligent, but sinister main character. Artemis wants to steal money from the fairies, in which to gain his family’s fortune back. Artemis is twelve years old and is very personal. He does not like to really share out his plans, due to his lack of trust in others. Artemis is also a pale, skinny lad. Artemis never really cares what he looks like, he mostly just wants to finish whatever he is in the process of doing. Artemis has his own butler. Butler protects Artemis with his life and obeys him. Artemis and Butler are our main characters in which they try and steal money from the fairies. The way Artemis’s family lost the money is by his father’s ship, in which had expensive products, got suck. Without Artemis’s father, it will be harder to make compromises with other businesses.

Butler, as I mentioned before, is our big tough type of man. You can tell how he is athletic by just reading the first few paragraphs. Butler was trained for years to protect the Fowl’s and now he has been with Artemis since birth. Butler is also, a very dynamic character. The way Butler later goes through things with Artemis is more abnormal. Butler does not completely obey Artemis, knowing his life is spared. Butler now does not see a reason to be angry at the fairy in which that is what helped him back up. Butler also has a sister named Julia. Butler even went to help his sister and then Artemis.

The beginning of the story is Artemis and Butler looking for the fairy book. The fairy book is to decode fairy cultural, or secrets about their living style. Artemis tricks the fairy which gives them the book, and Artemis then decodes the book and learns about the fairies. The problem of the story is Holly, an LEPrecon captain, gets captured. Root, the commander of the LEP, needs to save her before Artemis may spread news of fairy existence. Artemis needs to get ransom money if Root wants one of his officers back. Things go good and bad for both sides. The problem is solved by the officers giving the ransom money, and Artemis makes it out of the time bomb which could have killed him and Butler. The fairies must obey the rules they have created, so now they cannot attack or bother Artemis, knowing he has won.

I believe Artemis Fowl is an amazing book. I find it an exhilarating type of novel. The creativity put into the book makes it very fun. It is different from other fantasy/realistic fiction novels. I enjoy the characters as well. They are enjoyable and relatable. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy fantasy. It also has a different touch, like I stated before, from other novels. Also, it has few hard words, so if you are in grade 6 and less it might be a good book for a book report.

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