Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

March 2, 2017
By , norridge IL, IL

The book I’m going to be telling you about is “Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie” By David Lubar. The genre is young adult fiction. The setting of this book is in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley and in the High School Zenger High. The story takes place in modern times.

The main character of the story is Scott Hudson. He is 15 years old. Scott Hudson is your normal 15-year-old but he is faced with a bunch of changes. Scott’s relationship is with his friends is breaking, as they are all going their separate ways.

Scott becomes very interested in Julia Baskins. Scott has a crush on her and even calls her an “honest to god goddess” (Lubar 9). Another standout minor character is Mouth - a kid that is too talkative, but also almost best friends with Scott. Mouth finds himself in some pretty messed up problems and winds up helping Scott learn some important lessons.

The story starts out as Scott is about to enter high school. As if this isn’t enough to contend with, his mom and dad then give him the news that they are having a baby. Which is very stressful. The baby and the new school provide Scott and the story with the background for this coming of age tale.

The climax of the story is when Scott is thinking of asking a girl to the dance named Julia. But one of the kids beats up Scott for liking Julia.The problem is solved by Julia becoming friends with Scott and taking care of him because he was hurt. 

The story ends with Scott getting a baby brother. Scott brother ends up with a job fixing cars and playing guitar. Scott ends up going to the dance with Lee. And everything ends with a good ending.and mouth ended up getting more friends.

This book is a really good book I recommend you to read this book. It drags you into the story. I world recommend this to you. This is for freshmen or young adult additions. I enjoyed it because I can relate to the book.

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