The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, IL

The Fault In Our Stars is written by John Green. John Green has several other great novels that you should read. The Fault In Our Stars is a young adult romance novel. There are many things you learn in the first few chapters that will make sense to you later in the book. The story takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana and it is in the modern times.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is sixteen years old. She is the daughter of Mr. Lancaster and Mrs. Lancaster. Hazel is the only child which sometimes may be difficult. She has short, brown hair. She also has brown hair. Hazel is an outgoing, loving, caring person throughout the novel. Even though she has stage 4 Thyroid cancer, she doesn’t let anyone bring her down. Many people don’t imagine cancer patients to have fun and not be worried about their illness, but Hazel is the opposite. During a session in a cancer class, she meets a guy who she didn’t know would become the love of her life. Augustus Waters meets Hazel, they get to know each and soon after they are girlfriend/boyfriend. Augustus likes to be called “Gus.” He is seventeen years old and also has brown hair and eyes. Like Hazel, Augustus has to deal with cancer also, but he has osteosarcoma which is bone cancer.

In the book, we also learn about Isaac. He is one of Augustus friends that has eye cancer. He has one glass eye and one real eye. We also meet Peter Van Houten who is the author of Hazel’s favorite book. In the story, he is always drunk, swears a lot, and a rude person to everyone. His daughter died from cancer and that is why he is an abrasive or harsh person. He doesn’t care about others and makes fun of sick people. This is why no one really in the book likes Peter.

Right off the beginning of the book, it starts off sad. That is because it talks about how Hazel’s mother thinks she is depressed and thinks about death in her free time. So, her parents put her in a support group to make new friends. This where she meets the love of her life. Augustus Waters or Gus has cancer that caused him to lose a leg, but that didn’t stop him from doing things he loves. After Hazel and Gus hung out a few times, they got to know each other better and started slowly falling in love. He learned many things about Hazel and how much she loved the author Peter Van Houten because he wrote her favorite novel. He also learns that Hazel’s wish is to go to Amsterdam and meet her favorite author. That won’t take long for her dream to come true when Gus planned a trip to go to Amsterdam. Hazel, her mom, and Augustus headed toward Amsterdam when Hazel got very sick and couldn’t go on the plane. Soon after she got better, they booked another trip and that time there was stopping. Augustus started yelling at Peter once they met up with him because he was being rude and disrespectful to Hazel. This shows he cared for her. Gus had some news to tell Hazel, but before no one knew this would happen. Gus told the news and said that cancer was taking over his body and he didn’t have a lot of time left. Which is very sad because they were growing closer and closer to each other. Once they returned to Indianapolis, both hung out mostly every day to remember the last moment’s Hazel would have with Augustus. But, one day she gets a call that Augustus passed away. This was a hard time for Hazel because she loved him and she was the ones always scared of dying. Later, Peter told what Augustus had written about her. How great, caring, funny, and respectful she was. This made Hazel cry even more.

Omg! I don’t know how I should voice my opinion on this book. There are so many things to say, I don’t know where to start from. I absolutely love this book. There are so many vivid moments where you can be replaced with the characters and see how it feels to be in their shoes. The book was funny in some parts but it also was sad in other parts. If you are a sensitive person, you might cry reading parts of the book because it is very sad and it feels like you are experiencing the moments with the characters. I would recommend this book to teenagers or adults because I feel like they would understand it better than little kids. This book has several chapters, so it can sometimes be a lot for a young teen or even teenagers. But, if you ever get your hands on this book you should totally read. This book is a total inspiration to people. It offers something many books don’t. This novel shows you that even though you are dealing with an illness or disease, you are still capable of doing the things you love.

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