I Totally Funniest A Middle School Story by James Patterson

March 2, 2017
By Anonymous

I Totally Funniest a Middle School Story by James Patterson is a fictional novel taken place in modern times. The story is taken place in long beach, California. The main character in the book is Jamie Grimm. It doesn't really describe the character a lot but in some pictures, it does show that Jamie Grimm has long hair, but not too long, he is also paralyzed and is in a wheelchair and is a very goofy kid. The book doesn't describe much about the character it just focuses on his life, but if I had to say I would say he is around 12. Jamie’s personality can bring so many people's day up because of how goofy he is and his humor. Jamie’s appearance on the cover of the book makes me think that the book will make me laugh so hard. Throughout the book, the main character Jamie has a ton of friends but then it goes down and then he goes back up to be popular again. His role in the book is to entertain people and make them laugh. If you want a book based on laughter but also a bit sad put together this can be the perfect book for you to read.


In the book I Totally Funniest A Middle School Story some of the minor characters aren't mentioned a lot. The minor characters are the smiley´s, and uncle Frankie. The smileys are Jamie´s cousins and aunt and uncle, the reason they are named that is because they never smile. Jamie´s uncle Frankie helped him prepare himself for what's about to happen.

In the beginning of the book Jamie Grimm was in car accident, his sister, and his mom and dad died but he managed to survive but he loss the use of his legs, toes, and feet. Some interesting things that happened, in the beginning, was that the

The contest got canceled for a while but then it came back on. The climax of the story is that Jamie really wants to win the contest but he feels his jokes aren't good or funny and he gets nervous when going up on stage. Jamie would often tell his uncle that he thought his jokes weren't any good, the climax eventually gets solved by Jamie working hard and working over and over on it to make it good enough to go on stage. In the end of the book, it starts to get really interesting because it leaves you on the end of your site once read toward the end you're not gonna wanna put the book down I know I didn't want to. In the end of the book, Jamie ends up winning the whole contest.

My opinion for the book I Totally Funniest A Middle School Story  I would rate it 5 stars, this is a very humorous book it will make you laugh some part in there. When I first looked at the cover I didn't think this was the kind of book for me but then when I started reading it I started enjoying it more and more I would recommend other people reading this book. Many different spots in the book will catch your eye no matter if it's in the beginning, middle, or end. If you are into comedy movies or books or anything involving comedy you will enjoy this book., they would enjoy this book for almost the same reason I did because it's funny and it can teach many life lessons through the book.

The author's comments:

This is my first time putting something on Teen Ink, please don´t be harsh on me.

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