The Beast by R.L. Stine

March 2, 2017
By Anonymous

In the book “the beast” by R.L. Stine, is a young adult fiction novel about a boy named James and his cousin named Ashley. In the beginning, they enjoy a fun carnival and a big roller coaster named the beast, they start to go to the carnival daily until the girl Ashley decides to stay the night in the carnival to prove each other that there are no monsters in the carnival at night.This is when everything starts to go wrong.

The major characters in the story are these two kids about the same age, the first main character in the story is a boy named James. The second main character is a girl by the name of Ashley. James and Ashley are both cousins, Ashley is an adventurer because it was her idea to stay in the carnival at night. James, on the other hand, is a daring person because made a bet on Ashley that there is a monster in the carnival. James has black hair and brown eyes, Ashley has blonde hair and blue eyes.

When Ashley and James went to the rollercoaster for the second time they meet these couple of older kids. The older kids tell Ashley and James about the rumors that the beast is haunted and a ghost rides the beast at night.these kids who the told James and Ashley are older than them and James thought they were lying and try to scare them. There was another small character who they saw at night who looked really pale, old, long white hair, he wore a large cloak. He let the kids ride the roller coaster but instead of bringing them back he took them back in time.


The story starts with both of the main characters in the carnival riding a big roller coaster named the beast. When they decide to go again these random kids tell them that there is a monster in the beast and it wakes up in the night and it rides the roller coaster.these kids who the told James and Ashley are older than them and James thought they were lying and try to scare them.

In my opinion, I believe the book is great, it has much suspense that could keep the reader attached. There was a suspenseful scene in the book where they meet a creepy character, he looked really old, and a unsoothing voice. In that scene is what made me keep reading more about the character and who he is and what he is going to do. In the end of the book is when they find the guy who helps back into the present time

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