The Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, IL

Basic Information
The title of the book I am reviewing is “The Cupcake Queen”, which is written by Heather Hepler. The genre of the book “The Cupcake Queen”, is young adult fiction. The story takes place in a small town, Hog’s Hollow. The place of the story takes place in Hog’s Hollow. The time of the story takes place in present time.

The main character of the story “The Cupcake Queen” is named Penny. She is 13 years old. Her parents recently got a divorce, and she had to move hundreds of miles away from her home in New York, to Hog’s Hollow, her mother's hometown. Penny’s personality is very fun and outgoing once you get to know her, but she is shy towards people she doesn’t know. Penny looks like the average teenage girl. Penny doesn’t make friends easily but once she does she makes good friends. Her role in the story is to tell the reader that even though something may seem like a very hard situation at first, it may turn out to be good.

Minor Characters
There are a lot of minor characters in the book “The Cupcake Queen”. The minor characters help conclude the story’s theme. A minor character is Penny’s grandma. Penny’s grandma knows what Penny is going through because she has gone through something similar when she was Penny’s age. Penny and her grandma really understand each other, and Penny thinks her grandma is the only person that understands her. Another minor character is Penny’s mom. Penny thinks that her mom doesn’t understand her very well, but yet Penny won’t let her mom talk to her.

The book starts out with Penny, her mom, and her grandma in their very own cupcake shop. The reason Penny’s mom opened a cupcake shop is because she recently divorced Penny’s dad, and that was one way she was moving on. Penny’s mom made the decision to move hundreds of miles from a big city like New York, to Hog’s Hollow, a small town. Penny hates the decision her mom made to move to Hog’s Hollow, and she can’t wait to move back to New York, but little did she know this move wasn’t temporary. Penny is getting the cupcakes ready for their very first cupcake delivery for a  birthday. Once they get to the reception Penny meets the B-Day girl, and she doesn’t like her. She is a snobby, rich girl who gets everything she wants. Penny soon finds out that most girls are like that in her new neighborhood. Once Penny settles in she learns to love her new home, and she finds out she will have to make a decision. Go back to New York City to live with her dad, or stay in Hog’s Hollow to live with her mom. Penny eventually decides to stay in Hog’s Hollow.

Your opinion
My opinion about the book “The Cupcake Queen”, is that I found it to be a very well-written book. I think the author, Heather Hepler developed the scenes in this book very well, and I like how she put it all together. I think the teenagers would most enjoy reading this book. They would enjoy it because it talks about a strong issue, but it doesn’t over exaggerate it. 

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