The Karma Club by Jessica Brody

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, Illinois, IL

I absolutely loved reading The Karma Club! It is definitely one of the most entertaining books I’ve ever read! As soon as I picked it up, I wasn’t able to put it down! The Karma Club’s light and heartwarming tone made it very fun to read! The Karma Club is a young-adult novel by the one and only, Jessica Brody. It is about Maddie Kasparkova, who lives in a town called, Pine Valley.

Maddie, the main character of this story, is a teenager who attends Colonial High. One thing I loved about Maddie was her sweet and witty personality. Even though in reality she was pulling evil pranks on her foes, when it came down to it, she was always there for the people she loved and cared about.

In the beginning of the book, Maddie’s life was going perfectly. She had good grades, two amazing friends, and the perfect boyfriend. Maddie’s adventure kicks off when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. She then decides to take matters into her own hands and do karma’s job for it. To summarize, her and her best friends start “The Karma Club” and get revenge on whoever’s backstabbed them in the past. Maddie and her friends soon realize you can’t do karma’s job for it. Instead of punishing those who hurt them in an attempt to ruin their karma, they should have been setting themselves up to improve their own karma.

In summarization, The Karma Club is definitely one of my favorite books! It was very lighthearted and amusing to read! I would most likely recommend it to someone looking for a light, fun read. To conclude, you should definitely give The Karma Club a chance and I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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