Sleeping Freshman Never Lie by David Lubar

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, IL

Sleeping Freshman Never Lie by David Lubar is a book about a little boy who basically takes a step into the scary future toward manhood with his best friends. This novel is realistic fiction, aimed at young adults, and tells of a group of friends who are about to be freshmen at fictional JP Zenger High School.

The main character’s name is Scott Hudson. He is fourteen years old and filled with a mixture of hope and fear when it comes to entering high school. He’s more than a little freaked out about entering the next chapter of his life, not sure if he will be bullied or what to expect. Indeed, a lot of unexpected events both at home and at school will challenge Scott and force him to grow up and adapt. As Scott learns his lessons, we see him as a kind, creative boy who will be a great friend, brother, and son.

When we first meet Scott, he is with his close friends, the Musketeers. The Musketeers are a group of his three best friends. Their names are Patrick, Kyle, and Mitch they've been friends for a while and they're all starting there the first day in high school.

The story walks you through from a boy in middle school to freshmen in high school.The boy is 14 years old and he likes a girl he knew back in middle school and on the first day of high school he waits at the bus stop for the bus with his old annoying friend Mouth, he called him that because he does nothing but talk and talks.

Scott’s mom becomes pregnant and she has to be rushed to the hospital one morning because the baby was kicking so bad. Scott has to change basically everything in his life to adapt to the baby and things around him are changing as well. The guest room has to be changed into the baby’s room and he doesn't know that sometimes friends don't last forever.


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