Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge Il, IL

Charlie and the Chocolate factory by Roald Dahl is a fiction book. The story takes place in an unknown area in present time. Little boy, Charlie Bucket and his not so rich family had a once in a chance opportunity. Walking back from school, Charlie found money on the floor that he used to buy a chocolate bar. Little did he know, that chocolate bar would be the key to his world. Charlie and his grandpa set out on an adventure with a group of other kids exploring the entire chocolate factory and Willy Wonka himself. In my opinion, this was probably the best day of his life.

First off, Charlie Bucket is an average 11-year-old boy who is kind of scrawny and not so much into sports and popularity. He is always caring and is grateful for everything his parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents can give him. He is the Main character and lives in a very tiny house with his entire family. His whole life, he doesn't get what all the other kids get. No new clothes every day, no outside equipment, no new shoes, and etc. Every year for his birthday he gets a chocolate bar and takes tiny bites out of it so he can save and cherish it. Everyone can agree he is loving and a marvelous little boy.

Throughout the book, we meet these characters that have a role but isn't all that important. Once Charlie and his grandpa set off to the factory everyone else becomes a minor character. His family was only a part of the book for the first couple chapters, but like charlie his family is wonderful and caring. They always believe in him and pushes him to be his best. Yet, some people would make fun of him and bully him and his family for being poor he simply doesn’t care what anyone thinks. This book is not like the others, but it is a great family and children’s book.

On a small flat surface, with a tiny broken up house, is where the Bucket’s live. The story sets of introducing charlie and his family. Describing who they are and what they’re like. The story soon takes off while Charlie is walking a far distance to school. Getting pushed and laughed at while walking Charlie looks down and finds a shiny coin. He found this lucky coin in front of a convenience store and bought a chocolate bar. He could never believe it, but he did win the final golden ticket. As everyone in the town was freaking about a small town poor boy winning a huge contest, Charlie bucket couldn’t believe his eyes. The day finally came and Charlie, with a group of other kids, entered and met Willy Wonka himself. He took them thru the whole factory and some kids ate too much and some kids disappeared in the Wonka factory. Charlie made is through and got chocolate for life.

Lastly, being fourteen and reading it in previous years, I thought it was a fabulous children’s book. I think ages 10-14 would be an appropriate age level for kids to read it, someone older might think it's easy, but it is certainly enjoyable. This book would make kids mouth drool over all the tasty chocolate and the way Roald Dahl explains it. Kids would enjoy this book because it is about a little boy (which is around their age) who gets an amazing opportunity to go through a chocolate factory that most everyone has eaten before. This book can show kids that just because you get made fun of, pushed around, and poor doesn't mean great things can’t happen to you too. Overall, this is an excellent children’s book.

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