I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916 by Lauren Tarshis

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, IL

Book Review on “I survived the shark attacks of 1916”.

The title of the book is "I survived" and the test of survival referred to is the shark attacks of 1916. The author of the book is Lauren Tarshis. The genre of the book is historical fiction events.  The setting of the book is a creek close to the Atlantic ocean. The place of the story takes place in Springfield, New Jersey not far from the Atlantic Coast. The time of the story is 1916.

The major character in this book is Chet. Chet is your normal everyday kid hanging out with friends and playing tricks on his friends and friends playing tricks on him. His age is 10 years old and his personality is funny, he likes to joke around with his friends and they like to joke around with him and also he is loyal and caring. His appearance in the book isn't very detailed because since it is based mostly about the creek he is in his swimming trunks with no shirt but when I see him not in the creek he usually has jeans with a white shirt but that's what they said when he was in the hospital bed so it's kind of hard to get a look at him. Chet's role in the story is very very important because he is the one who survived the great shark attack of 1916 and he is the main character that is based on that event. And his relationships with the other characters is good because he has a good bond with his friends and then the rest of the characters are mostly his family.  And minor characters in the story are Uncle jerry, he is a funny guy and he is Chet’s uncle, Dewey, sid ,and Monty are Chet's friends and they are just like him they like to go out and have fun and joke around with each other just like a normal regular 10 year old kid will do. And then, of course, Mama and Papa and without this being hard they are Chet’s Mom and Dad.

At the beginning of the story Chet’s friends invited him to hangout at the creek, and while over at the creek they pull a prank on him and pretend that there's is a shark in the water. The interesting things that happened are that when they did that joke they actually found out on the news that a man died in the creek because of a shark accident a couple of days ago. The climax of the story is Chet pulls a prank on them to get them back. But the following day Chet sees a fin in the water and thinks this is just another normal prank so he doesn't react until when he sees the beating black eyes of the great white shark and its massive jaw open. Then Chet has to outswim the shark and the shark catches his leg and he chest gets bite also. The problem is solved by having Chet go to the hospital to get his wounds all fixed up and to fix the shark in the creek he told lots of bystanders and people and then it went to local news so everyone now is aware that there's is a shark in the creek and not to swim in the creek until no signs of the shark. The story ends with Chet laying in bed and his Uncle comes in with his friends. Chet's foot was in a cast holding it up right. His friends were talking to him and actually started to cry because they thought it was a prank also when the shark was coming so instead of the shark attacking them Chet was the one that jumped in front and swam his friends away leading the shark to target Chet. After a while, the Shark died but they closed down the creek because it was too dangerous and too much of a risk.

My opinion is to definitely read this book. Just because it is about another ordinary shark attack this book told me something different that I can't explain and also it touch my heart from the appliance from Chet's friends and the fact Chet risked his life just for there's. I think the people that would enjoy reading this is 5-8th graders. Even though this book is meant for 4th graders that are just the reading part and literature that doesn't mean being mature and actually understanding the true meaning of a traumatic event or feel serious for it and have a moment with the book.

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