Dead Girls Don't Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

February 22, 2017
By NMORRIS GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
NMORRIS GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
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Imagine you are a sixteen-year-old-girl and best friends with Rachael before she starts keeping secrets, before you visited the old house, before you were shut out, before she was murdered? After Rachael is found dead in her bedroom by her mother. Jaycee knows it has something to do with the old house. Jaycee’s last text is the first clue: “We’re in trouble. Meet me at my house NOW. Don’t tell your Dad. Don’t call the police. Don’t tell anyone what you saw.”

Wolf does an amazing job in this novel. The reader is able to read it all in one afternoon. Wolf really allows the reader to get attached to all of the main characters (Jaycee, Eduardo, Evan and Skylar.) which allow this novel to pull the readers in.

One of the many themes of this book is to be careful who you trust. This is revealed in the last couple of pages. One of the reasons this book is so beautiful is because of the unexpected ending. It is very heartbreaking and painful to read. Wolf is able to make us feel for Jaycee throughout the story. Wolf uses good dialogue and visuals.
Another problem Jaycee faces in this novel is her father. He is very cautious and doesn’t want her hanging out with her boyfriend, Skylar, texting him, or even going to parties. This points to another theme, then Jaycee, Dad or Skylar: Don’t take the ones you love for granted. Rachael’s death points more to this theme. Throughout the story Jaycee blames herself for Rachael’s death. This is because she neglected to answer Rachael’s texts. They were no longer friends.

A few questions that lead readers thought the book are: Did a gang really kill Rachael? Did Evan kill Rachael? Why doesn’t Rachel want Jaycee to go to the police? Will Jaycee uncover the lies surrounding Rachael’s death? Last of all, was Rachael’s death an accident like the police claim?

The cover of this book really draws readers in. It is very bright and colorful and sets the tone for the book. Overall this is an amazing novel. The targeted age range is probably seventh grade and up. If you want a thriller read Dead Girls Don’t Lie by: Jennifer Shaw Wolf.

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