Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II

March 18, 2009
By Sarah LeCuyer-Briley BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Sarah LeCuyer-Briley BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II, is a very interesting book. There are over 100 stories, and they are all by different authors. There are stories by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Kimberly Kirberger, and many more.

This book is all about life, love, and learning. There are fiction stories and non-fiction stories, but they both get to you deeply. It is a book made for laughter, good times, and tears all at the same time. Most of the stories are sad, but they end with happy endings even if they're not the best that you expected.

This book is good, because it is written for teenagers who are; falling in love, who are struggling with life, and you also learn many lessons. They express this book so well that you almost fall in love with the characters that are in the story. It also gets your attention really fast and then you can't stop reading it.

The lessons that I learned throughout the whole book is that you can't always get what you want. Also when you fall in love its never going to be perfect. In life you have one door close and if the other door doesn't open right then and there you can't give up on yourself or life. If you are a failure at some things it doesn't mean you're a failure at everything. You have to expect bad things and good things to happen to you. In the end it will all be okay. It has to get worse before it gets better.

My favorite stories were; 'Hopscotch and Tears' by Becca Woolf, 'Donna and Claudia' by Carol Gallivan , 'Speechless' by Shawna Singh, 'I Need You Now' by Becky Tucker, and 'I Remember Gilbert' by April Joy Gazmen

'Hopscotch an Tears' was one of my favorites because it was about a girl who had to let her boyfriend go, even though she didn't want to. In the end, she learned that she finished with that book and she had to move on. 'Donna and Claudia' was a very sad story. It is about a girl named Donna who goes with friends to an amusement park 20 miles away, Donna has to be home by eleven. Time flew by and someone noticed that it was already ten forty-five. The boy that was driving was speeding down the highway and notices the exit to late, so he tries to turn and the car flips three times. Donna and her friends get out alive. Donna realizes that there is a ton of blood every where. She pulls her hair out of her face and notices she's the one that's bleeding. Half of her head was cut off it was hanging on just by a little bit of scalp. When Donna got out of the hospital and went back to school, her best friend Claudia defended her from the teasing. After awhile Donna felt worse about her wig, so Claudia goes home shaves her head bald and shows Donna. Donna felt better after she had seen what her friend did just for her.

'Speechless' is also very sad. It's about a girl named Hope whose mom is in the hospital because of a tumor. Her cousin Shawna stays by her side through it all. Shawna tries to talk to Hope about her mom, but Hope doesn't like to. In the end Hope thanks Shawna for her effort to comfort her. 'I Need You Now' is a poem about friends that should never be alone.

'I Remember Gilbert' is about a girl who moves to a boy named Gilbert. She finds out Gilbert needed a heart transplant. Gilbert told Katherine (new neighbor) to look in his bedroom window when she felt sad. At the end Gilbert dies and she feels lonely not seeing the light in his room.

My opinion on this book is that I would recommend you to read it. It may be sad, but once you see it's a really good book you just get locked into it. The authors make it so descriptive, you can visualize it in your mind. It's a book that when you read it you don't forget what you just read. If you like to read about life, love, and friendship this book is great for that. You close this book with things you never knew before. It is an amazing book, if you like the stories I just explained you will love this book.

In conclusion, try something new. It's one great book. It is written by adults that obviously get teens. Read this book and you won't be disappointed.

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