And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

February 17, 2017

The book, “And Then There Were None” had an intriguing plot, grasping my attention at the very first words. The murder mystery plot left me hanging on every word, causing me to become thirsty for the next page. There was an unexpected twist in the story, while the author tried to make the suspect obvious. Ten people were invited to a mysterious house on an island, called the Soldier island. The ten people were having a nice time during their vacation, and each one noticed the classic nursery rhyme, about ten soldier buys that lessened one by one. Then, during dinner, a recording of all of the murders each visitor committed was played on a gramophone for everyone to hear. Though most denied their crimes, Philip, a young man, agreed with his crime, not ashamed by his truth. Then, one by one, each visitor begins to get murdered, each one matching with the nursery rhyme. Until there were two people left alive, Philip was killed by Vera, a young lady, who was frightened and hanged herself from the weight. However, the investigators realized, there one more person left on the island, even though there was no one more than ten people. As it turned out, Wargrave, a judge, faked his death to get him off the suspect list and used the nursery rhyme to lead him to his next murder. Then, Wargrave committed suicide, then truly, all ten people were dead.

I loved this book because it had a different plot than from other mystery books. The ending was twisted and turned into something that I would have never guessed. The events that happened were suspenseful and gave me the chills because of the creepy and spooky feeling it gave me. ”And Then There Were None” is the queen of all mystery books because of its detail and imagination. Agatha Christie spread her ideas onto the pages and made it alive with words that kept readers keep reading.Agatha made  mystery books come alive again, capturing the attention of readers who were not so interested by the genre originally. This book makes all interesting with the plot and storyline, making me wish that the book would never stop!

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