The Spiderwick Chronicles (Book 1)

March 13, 2009
By francis gagni BRONZE, San Jose, California
francis gagni BRONZE, San Jose, California
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In the book Spiderwick Chronicles the book one, by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black has made a great example of how brothers and sisters should act. This book is starts off with a family of four, the mother, a sister, and a twin. They were moving in, in a place where they never have seen before. This house was full of secrets. The next morning as Mallory, Jared and Simon's older sister, was walking in the kitchen she heard a noise in the wall'She then struck the wall with all of her force using a broom stick and knock opened the wall. When the wall was destroyed they saw a nest of a creature that seems to like shiny objects. Mallory sent Jared up the wall to see if there were more. Jared was leaded to a secret office by the old owners. As he was looking around Jared saw this weird book with a poem sitting on top of it, he then read the poem. He never understood the poem, but remembered his mom would be back soon. He then went back to her sister. Later that night Jared came back to the secret place. He took the book, as he opened the book it unleashed a spooky feeling. He knew that somebody was there with him. Jared saw a creature in the book and he thought they got him mad, so they a trap''
I would recommend this book to people that loves to books that is adventurous. Also this book uses imagery as a way to keep the reader from not reading.

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