The Secret History by Donna Tartt

November 25, 2016
By Mommina SILVER, San Antonio , Texas
Mommina SILVER, San Antonio , Texas
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The dark, baffling book, “The Secret History,” by Donna Tartt ties in perfectly for the month of October,in which horror comes to life, and jubilance goes to rest. Who could write a book so horrifying and still sleep at night? However, with all the negativity aside, the book gave away so many chills. How could one not fall in love with it?


The book starts with a prologue telling the readers about a murder that occurred. If this eerie description doesn't make a frightening picture appear, put the book down. Tartt fabricated her book so well, between the characters, scenery, peculiar secrets, charisma, and the very beauty that created this masterpiece.


"The Secret History” revolves around six main characters: Henry, Camila, Charles, Francis, Bunny, and Richard Papen. Papen just arrives as the new member of the group who becomes obsessed with the ways of these kids because they're the only five students in his new Greek class. Papen, the definition of a lonely narrator, always tries to fill the void inside himself because he just wants to fit in. 

Papen immediately gets accepted into this clique of socially sophisticated students. When they aren't studying the classics, they usually spend their time drinking and taking pills. As soon as Richard proves his worthiness to them, they let him in on a little secret. Take a guess. That's right, a murder.  When one of the members gets tired of keeping the secret, the group  - now including Richard  - decides to kill him too. In the aftermath of the second murder anybody could explode at any minute, and that's what makes the book so exciting.

Besides the spontaneous and uncanny events that occurred, “The Secret History”, truly one of the best books made, serves to bring a thrill to the reader. It shows everything, from mystery to comedy, and exemplifies Tartt as an excellent writer in her own way. One day this book should come to theaters. Just Seeing Jesse Eisenberg wearing old-fashioned glasses, in dark English suits, carrying an umbrella, and portraying Henry Winter, oh what a sight!

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