The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore

November 18, 2016

According to the author Wes Moore, “The choices we make about the lives we live determine the kinds of legacies we leave.” In other words, the choices people make determine what people think about them. Wes Moore has stunned the world of nonfiction writers with a stunning first novel that makes it seem like he's written many more.He uses quotes from him or others in his life to really enhance the situation; good or bad. He writes events about the other Wes Moore like he was there at the time. 


A couple blocks apart in the bustling city of Baltimore, two boys were born with the same name; Wes Moore, but these weren't the only similarities in their lives. Both grew up with one parent, and they both got in trouble with the police as they entered their teen years. This is when there similar lives became different. After the author kept getting into fights and started running drugs, his mother had enough. With all of the money she and the extended family could scrape together, he was sent to military school to hopefully get his life in shape. When Wes first arrived at Valley Forge, he struggled. He ran away four times in the first four days. Wes did get his life together and he ended up becoming a Rhodes Scholar, a veteran, and a graduate of Oxford University. The other Wes Moore continued down his path of getting in trouble with the police and ended up being convicted of killing a police officer in a botched robbery and getting sent to jail for life. Wes Moore visits him in prison and talks with him about his life.

This book really connected with me.  In the town next to mine and two grades below, there is a boy with the same name as me, which shows how “small” our world is. This book also made me realize how people's lives can change with the snap of a finger or in the books case, the shot from a gun or the signature on a school's papers.
I couldn’t put the book down when I was reading it because I wanted to see what new events happen in both of their lives. This book really made me think about the choices I make in my life and how those choices can affect my life for the positive or negative.

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