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November 16, 2016

Unwind, by Neal Shusterman is a fast paced, action-packed thriller of a book that will satisfy any avid reader. The story follows several characters, whose paths seamlessly intertwine throughout the story. This story follows how love, voting, and humanity are all related.

In this story, Neal Shusterman has created a futuristic world in which technology is far superior to ours, setting the stage with eye pigment injections and automatic manicure machines. In this world scientists have figured out how to take every organ from one person, and give it to someone else. To be unwound is to have all your “parts” taken apart, and then used for healing others. This process can only be done under the age of 18, and typically only to the trouble sort of kids.

Throughout unwind, we follow the paths of Connor, Lev, and Risa. Connor is exactly what somebody would expect of a runaway teen. He is smarter than most think, but his pride, ego, and short temper tend to land him in trouble. Risa is an orphan, who was brought in by the state. The reason she is being sent to be unwound is not the same as most. She is simply too average, and in the state's opinion, not good enough to keep. Lev, on the other hand is what is known as a tithe. He is from a religious family who all believe that they must give 10 percent of their ownings to charity. As Lev is their tenth child, he will be sent off to a harvest camp, where he will be unwound. From a young age he has been taught that being a tithe is a holy blessing, and he will do everything in his power to make sure his destiny is fulfilled. However, when his path crosses with those of Connor and Risa, his eyes begin to open up to the horrifying truth behind it all.

This book hooks on what it means to be human, and of humanity, the story of these three survivors shows us just how powerful love can be. When Connor and Risa are trying to survive together in the safe houses, an awful antagonist by the name of Roland attempts hurt Risa. Connor wants to fight him, which is expected unwind behavior. Risa, however, stops him, and the fact that he listens shows his love for her. As they grow closer, and begin learning the truth of how they got to where they are, they begin thinking that maybe the world they live in can be changed. When they end up where they are heading, Lev, Connor, and Risa might just turn a new page in the book of unwinding.

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