Animal Farm by George Orwell This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

November 8, 2016

     The twisted journey of George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a memorable experience for all readers; as the story reveals a strange perspective of animals developing in a corrupt government.
     Animal Farm follows the grotesque story of farm animals revolting against their owner. The animals of Manor Farm are worked tirelessly and treated poorly under the tyranny of Mr. Jones, Manor’s Farm owner. Major, a well-respected and intelligent pig, gathers the animals of Manor Farm and reports a vision he had while dreaming. His vision being all animals were no longer chained by humans and lived freely. In order to achieve this vision, the animals of Manor Farm must rise in rebellion against mankind. As the animals proceed their path to freedom, they begin to stray off to destruction and inequality.
     Personally, I feel reading Animal Farm is a wonderfully active experience. The book is heavily colored with unique symbolism. As a reader, discovering the true meaning of Orwell’s symbolism allows me to open my mind and further engage myself into the story. Also, the story’s plot has made me react physically by crying out in frustration or gasping in shock. This active experience maintains the story's strange yet unique element.
     Orwell’s uses strong and graphic symbolism to complement his twisted tale. Orwell’s purpose is to reflect the Russian Revolution of 1917. From a death a beloved animal representing Stalin’s betrayal of the proletariat. The conflict of animals under the suppression of their corrupted government edges readers to continue on and discover the true meaning of equality.
     Being published in 1945, Animal Farm still read and is a well-known classic. Although, Animal Farm’s light-hearted name, readers gain insight into a world of revolution and full of symbolism. Readers may experience the struggles of a steady revolution and the coldness human nature. Having background knowledge of any revolutions in history helps readers understand the book further, but this isn’t necessarily. I highly recommend Animal Farm to those who prefer books with dark themes or are in high-school.

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